BMAC is an ALL-IN-ONE Business Solution

No back and forth! BMAC is all you need to manage your business operations, track your inventory, manage your employee payroll, seamlessly collaborate with accountants, finance institutions and investors from anywhere around the world.




Collaborator tool


Human resource management
Cloud based
Pocket friendly professional assistance
Analytic dashboard
Inventory management system
Townhall community


Control & access your information on any device anytime, anywhere.


safe and secured online logbook for recording daily business transactions.



invite your employee (s), accountant(s) and investor(s) to work with you.


View your business performance at a glance.


Join our Online Community to connect with businesses, investors and professionals


Download BMAC

Collaborative accounting for small-medium business

Your business on the GO! Download the BMAC Mobile app to record & monitor your business transactions.




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Why you need an Accounting Software?

“The dream is real but the hustle is sold separately”. Are you wondering, “Do I really need accounting software?” Yes! “Accounting is the language of a business” it is essential for entrepreneurs who are looking to increase profitability and grow their business.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day operations and forget about keeping track of your business records. Getting an effective accounting software makes your work easier. With BMAC (Business, Measurement, Assurance and Collaboration) accounting software; you can complete your bookkeeping in few easy steps, increasing time to focus on running your business. It also fosters a better working relationship among businesses, employers, accountants and finance providers.

With the BMAC you can;

Record day-to-day transactions with little or no accounting knowledge. Effortlessly measure business performance with dashboard/analytics and reporting. Automated calculations and compiled statements. Effortlessly manage inventory and orders. Easily manage staff and payroll processes. Seamlessly manage payment terms and deductions. Protects and keeps you professional and organized during audit. Protects and keeps you professional and organized during audit. Collaborate with employees (s), professional accountant(s) and investors to work with you. Make smart decisions to achieve business goals. Monitor business performance anywhere, anytime.